Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Malolactic Fermentation" and Other Things That Freak Me Out

Okay, malolactic fermentation doesn't really freak me out. But long multi-syllabic words that belong in Chemistry class freak a lot of aspiring Winos out. Heck, veering away from chardonnay freaks a lot of aspiring Winos out.

I have started this blog because I have been working in the wine biz for over fifteen years and am still stymied by the number of people who like wine but don't know much about it. They are often intimidated and pepper me with questions, not even sure if the answers will help. Why pepper me, you ask? Well, I do wine appraisals and consultation, I have worked for the wine auction departments of a number of reputable auction houses in New York City, I spent time working at an upscale wine store, I have had a number of articles published in area newspapers, and I have been teaching private wine classes for five years. Do I know everything about wine? No way. Do I know a lot about wine? You betcha.

In my mind, there are two kinds of wine drinkers, Winos and Wine Snobs. I am a Wino: I love wine! I love learning about wine, and trying new and different wines. I feel that there is a wine for every occasion, and an occasion for every wine. Wine Snobs SAY they like wine, but I think they really like showing other people how much they think they know about wine. They are quick to pooh-pooh and slow to engage in lively conversation. This blog is for Winos and aspiring Winos (and maybe a Wine Snob or two who want to convert).

I will share thoughts with you about different types of wine, my personal philosophy about appreciating and understanding wine, and anything else related that crosses my mind while I'm enjoying a nice glass o'vino.

Until the next post, don't be a Wine Snob, be a Wino!

Oh, and as far as malolactic fermentaion goes, ("malo" to most Wine Snobs and very, very advanced Winos,) all you really need to know is that it is a part of the winemaking process where the harsher malic acid is converted into the softer lactic acid, thereby tempering the possible tingy-tangy-tounge-smacking tartness of some wines. Frankly, you probably didn't even need to know that much.