Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Q and A" Time!

Dear Reader, dear dear Wineaux Reader, I want you to know that I am here for you.

Currently I am hard at work on three articles soon to be posted here: 1) "20 Under $20" - which may become "25 Under $25" or even "30 Under $30," as I can't seem to stop myself from stumbling across AMAZING values and bangs-for-the-buck. But I am frequently asked about great-valued wines, so this will be that, and you can stop bugging me.

2) "Bubbly" - quite possibly my favorite style of wine. Oh, what a little secondary fermentation does to a gal's heart! This article will cover sparklers from the world (Italy, US, Spain, Oz...), NV Champagnes, and prime bubblies in every price-point category. Ok, ok, maybe a vintage Champy or two, who's sharing?

3) "Wine Gifts for the Holidays" - how to shop for the Wineaux in your life... the wines and the wine-related trinkets that will go above and beyond.

Those of you who have taken class with me or attended a tasting with me or have had an occasion to sit next to me when a bottle is opened will know that I can wax rhapsodic on the many topics of wine for hours.


I need your help to focus my oenophiliac mind. (I may have just made up a new word, there.)

What questions do you have? What regions puzzle you? What grape gives you vexed wrinkles on your brow? What is an olfactory epithelium anyway?

Dear, dear Wineaux Reader, ask away. I am here for you.

(Well, not for the next few minutes, I have to go open a bottle of wine. But after that, I'll be here for you.)


  1. Hi Annie,

    Thanks for the wine list that you sent over last week. Looking forward to your expanded "20 Under $20" list - could save me a lot of money and headaches this holiday season. I'm off to pick up a bottle of Big House Red at Astor Wines and Spirits - they have it listed for $8.99 a bottle.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving!


  2. How about a review of NY wines? I've been tasting some really (unexpectedly) yummy stuff recently and I'd love to learn more!